Planning Fundraisers

Before promoting any Charity/Fundraiser Event, The Event Representative must meet or speak with a JRG representative to discuss and agree upon policies, procedures and details for holding an event at JRG.

Download, print and sign form to confirm your event

Security DepositA security deposit of $350 is required within one week after the event date has been selected. This deposit is to reserve and confirm the date for the event. If the organization does not pay the deposit in a timely fashion, the date will be released. If the organization cancels the event within selected date of the event, the deposit will not be refunded. This is non-negotiable. This deposit will then be used toward other fees associated with holding an event at JRG.

Ticketing – To staff the event appropriately and provide proper customer service, the organization must provide an accurate attendance count. The Organization agrees to pre-sell tickets to the event. All ticket sales will go though JRG ticketing service located on our website, A convenience fee will be applied to each ticket purchased. This is non-negotiable. Ticket purchase does not guarantee a seat, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

***Donation Pricing –The price of the donation being collected for the event is up to each organization hosting the function. The pricing is a *Suggested Donation* since JRG is not charging the organization a rental fee. JRG customers are welcome in the building during the event and it is up to their own discretion upon making a contribution. The suggested donation will be displayed on signage and the JRG staff member collecting the money will mention it to every person entering the venue.

AV/ Lighting – Organization agrees to pay any and all engineering fees for sound, lighting, audio, and visual. Price is $300 per staff member.

2nd Floor Staffing Fee – Organization agrees to pay a $10/per hour per person Staffing Fee to reserve JRG services for the confirmed date for use of the 2nd Floor. This fee will be waived if the Organization exceeds the guest count of 150 people paid at the door or via online ticket sales.

Seating and Capacity Requirements – JRG cannot ensure additional seating or guarantee selected menu items should the actual guest count exceed the originally agreed upon guest count or room capacity. Should additional space be required and available, set-up charges and additional room rental charges may apply.

Promotional Materials – JRG must approve show or event graphics provided by the organization for web or internal use in the correct proportions provided by JRG Management. JRG is willing to assist in creating graphics for the event, however, all approved/final content and high-resolution graphic files must be supplied for preparation of the graphics to initiate the request. Should a change in files be required (regardless of the complexity), a $150 non-refundable fee will be applied to the expenses related to your event.

Banquet Table Requirements/Linen Fee – All table requirements must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event. If JRG has to outsource additional tables or chairs beyond what is in-house, additional charges will be applied. If you would like JRG to provide linens for your event, there will be additional fees. Linens provided by the organization must be received by JRG one week prior to the event.

Food & BeverageNo outside food or beverage is permitted unless pre-approved in writing by JRG Management.  All patrons must order from the JRG menu. Customer agrees to pay all food and beverage for the bands they are supplying unless otherwise stated.

Taxes – The party agrees to pay any and all federal, state, municipal or other taxes imposed on or applicable to the event. All Food & Beverage charges are subject to a state sales tax. Groups or organizations claiming exemption from applicable taxes are responsible for providing JRG with a copy of the organization’s tax exemption certificate prior to the date of the event otherwise applicable taxes will be charged. If the party does not have 501(c)3 status, JRG will provide a W-9 to be filled out and returned with the Security Deposit Contract.

Security – JRG reserves the right to inspect and control all events and, at their discretion, require and approve security for certain events particularly those with minors in attendance. The cost of such services will be the client’s responsibility. JRG will not assume liability for theft or any other type of loss or damage to personal property prior, during, or after the event.

Event Staff – The organization is responsible to provide personnel for 50/50, raffles, auctions, and an emcee. The organization will need to provide a guest list of volunteer names or band member names that are exempt from paying the ticket price. The organization is also responsible to provide any day of material such as wristbands, raffle tickets. JRG can provide a professional emcee for your event to help with things such as: announcing live auction items, announcing bands, etc. for an additional fee.

Jergel’s Staff – JRG staff is not required to donate any tips, time or donations to the event. However, if organization permits staff to participate in 50/50, raffles or donations, the organization is responsible for providing information to the JRG representative.

Display and Decoration – Any decorative, directional, or display items, must be approved in advance, in writing, by JRG. Glitter, confetti and similar items are not permitted. No items are to be taped or affixed to any surface. Any damage caused to the premises will be the responsibility of your party. JRG reserves the right to remove any inappropriate or unapproved displays or signage.

Damage to Function Space – Your party is responsible and shall reimburse JRG for any damage, loss or liability incurred by JRG as a result of the actions of their guests or any persons or organizations contracted by to provide any service or goods before, during and after the function.

Additional Details:

  • No Friday or weekend evenings (unless pre-approved by Jergel’s management in advance).
  • Saturday and Sunday events: 1-5pm (in at noon to set up, must be cleaned up and completed by 5pm).
  • An invoice will be sent to the organization 10 days prior to settle any outstanding fees.
  • Guest Wifi is available.
  • JRG must receive all information two months in advance so the event can be promoted in-house.
  • Persons in charge of Charity events or fundraisers are solely in charge of the promotions of their event to ensure success. JRG is not responsible for promoting these events.
  • Organization must have contract signed and returned one month in advance of the event.
  • Organization will provided a guest list of all volunteers and band members prior to the event for Box Office staff.
  • All Children Performances: Children need to be supervised at all time and will not enter any VIP Area not in use for the event. NO Children are permitted in the National Act Green Room.